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As a marketer you are probably aware of the fact that content is an ESSENTIAL part of every online business.

You need it for your money sites. You also can't do SEO without it.  Depending on where you get it, the article can be very expensive, too - up to $10, $15, or $20 in some cases per manually-written article.  Plus - it's just the article with nothing else.

Then there's video, which can elevate your SEO ranking and web traffic to new heights, and help crush your internet marketing goals.  But again, it can get expensive and you have to find a trusted vendor.

What if you could get both content and video form the same source?  And even better, what if they were paired to help drive your connect/conversion rates through the roof? 

NOW YOU CAN, with our special offer for a manually-written article plus a video!

We're offering a professionally-written 400-word article with a matched 1-2 minute video suitable for uploading to YouTube and use on your site.

You Provide:

  • The topic and suggested title
  • Up to 5 keywords (even LSI keywords)

We'll provide the article and video in about 7 days, and you'll be on your way to increased SEO rankings.

Be sure to check out our EXTRAS:

-Get 2 articles with a video each, for $4.50 each (a total of $9)

-Upgrade your article to 500 words, with a video (a total of $7)

-Upgrade your article to 1,000 words, with a video (a total of $12)

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