★★AGED PBN Links That Pack A Punch★★ DA 30+ TF 15+ RD 100+ ►► 10 Posts For $100

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I am not gonna bore with you with a long ass sales copy. This service is to the point. We know PBN links work, BIG TIME. So how is this service different from XYZ PBN service. Here is what we offer:


✔ ✔  AGED Domains - Age of domains vary from 5 years till 12 years. Not a single domain in this network is dropped. All domains have been handpicked from Auction sites with a strict set of criterias.

✔ ✔ HIGH TF - The TF of the network ranges from 15-25.

✔ ✔ HIGH DA - DA of the network ranges from 30 to 43

✔ ✔ HIGH RD - Minimum Referring Domains per domain = 100. PERIOD!! No shitty ass domains with TF 25 and RD count less than 10. Those domains are a joke. If 1-2 links disappear, the domain is as good as useless. Our Referring Domain Count goes well beyond 400-500 for some domains.

✔ ✔ QUALITY LINKS - All our domains are backed by strong links from newspaper and authority sites. 

✔ ✔ CLEAN HISTORY - All our domains have clean history and no trace of spam can be found in Wayback Machine/Archive.org

✔ ✔ ORIGINAL CONTENT - It goes without saying that using spun content is very risky. I am a huge believer in original content. All the content posted on our PBN is original, copyscape passed and written by our team of writers. 

✔ ✔ LOW OBL - The homepage OBL is around 10. The posts stay on the homepage for a couple of weeks before they roll off.

✔ ✔ NO SEO HOSTS - We use high quality Premium shared and cloud hosts. None of that SEO hosting or $1-2 per month ones. Thats risky as hell.

✔ ✔ SPIDERS BLOCKED - For ensuring safety of the network, all the backlink spiders have been blocked. 

✔ ✔ PREMIUM THEMES - All our PBN sites have a good premium theme with a custom About Us Page, Contact page, properly done logo, a real personality and Privacy Policy/TOS page.


1. How many keywords and URLs are allowed?

For 10 posts - 1 URL, 2-3 keywords

For 20 posts - 2 URLs, 4-5 keywords

For 30 posts - 3 URLs, 6-8 keywords

Note: You can use more keywords if you want but keep in mind that effect might be reduced so choose wisely.

2. Do you give reports?

Absolutely NOT! But you get the screenshots of each link that is placed.

3. Whats your turnaround time?

Around a week to 10 days for 10 post package.

4. Do you guarantee results?

If I could, I would be a multi millionaire by now. Anyone who can guarantee results at this pricing is ripping you off. 

5. Whats your refund policy?

Sorry but we don't offer any refunds.

6. Are these homepage links?

No these are blog posts. They stay on homepage for 2-3 weeks and then roll off.

7. Do you accept casino/pharma/adult sites?

Sorry but we don't.

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