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Need more Targeted Traffic? more Customers? more sales? and more Profit?

For achieving all your Targets, your website needs HIGH RANKING in Search engines like Google.

So, if you are Building a New website or you already have a Site, micro niche website, a blog, video or an Mini site. Without the Right keywords, you can't achieve any of your Goals and converts your visitors into customers.

Optimization with Right keywords will Make your site position on Top with lot of Target visitors and with much less efforts.

What will you get for the 5$ order?
High CPC Keywrds with Low Competition
Less Keyword Difficulty
Easy to Rank Keywords with High Volume.
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Keyword research is a paramount first step of identifying your next niche business or website to invest your hard earnt cash.  This shall be your  Number 1 priority before SEO, content writing, monetization, link building and social media.   I will provide long tail research including all Keyword Competitiveness (KC) data for up to 10 nominated seed keywords using Long Tail Platinum.  This data will be provided to give YOU detailed in-depth research outlining all the profitable, high traffic and low competition words for your nominated seed niche words.  

Screenshots and exported excel spreadsheets of the data will be provided.

I guarantee at least one researched word with a Keyword Competitiveness (KC) of 35 or less, otherwise, I will redo this gig FREE!

What I need to Complete your Order?
Send me the Short keywords like DJ Services, Web design, SEO Services etc
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about 1 year ago
excellent service will use again
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about 1 year ago
These guys are excellent.. provided on time
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almost 2 years ago
Good Research
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almost 2 years ago
100% rated. Nice Delivery
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almost 2 years ago
Good Keywrds with Low KC and High Search Volume
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almost 2 years ago
I am seriously impressed with the delivery
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almost 2 years ago
Quality Research
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almost 2 years ago
I am fully satisfied
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almost 2 years ago
Placed so many orders to dis seller and he is delivering on time and KC value of many keywords are less than 25
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