600 Social Signals To Your Website [Facebook (PR 9) and Twitter(PR 10)]

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600 Social Signals To Your Website

If you're throwing in a bunch of PBN / Contextual links to your website and you do not even have a single social signal? It's will seem very fishy for Google, as with the rising use of social media today, social signals has become part of the ranking strategy today.

A quick quote from quicksprout.com :  

With the rise of social sites like Twitter and Facebook, both Google and Bing have started to take into account socials signals to determine a website ranking. Here are some of the thing they look at :

  • How many tweet and retweets a URL has
  • The number of Facebook shares and Likes a URL has

This service can be use on:

  • PBN
  • Moneysite
  • Web 2.0
  • Youtube Video (Help in ranking!)
  • Citation
  • Any other contextuals Links

This Service you'll receive a total of 600+ social signals from Facebook and Twitter, I will try to add an equal amount of both types of social signals (300 + 300), unless I decide it would be better for your website to choose another combination from the offered ranges (example: 400 FB + 200 TW)

So, you will receive:

  • 300 Facebook comments/Share/Likes
  • 300 Twitter signals created via Tweets/ReTweets

Important rules:

  • I accept a maximum of 1 link per order (No Spilt)
  • You can request for a smaller amount
  • No shortened or redirect links
  • I reserve the right to reject your order if I find something wrong or suspicious

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Quick delivery, the sites looks clean and the metrics are great! Would recommend
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Always Recommended!!!
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