Permanent homepage Links from DA 20+ PA 32+ & TF 12+

3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >
3 days on average

Do you know how the value of a blog is determined by search engines?

Search Engines look at domain authority, page authority and the trust flow of the blog. The tough job you are to face in link building is to find the right links to your site and judge the quality of link source.

You will never get this service at a better price, probably no one else offer homepage permanent links nowadays.

Who are we?

We are a team of marketers and SEO and we own a network of 50+ PBN, we have selected the PBN very carefully and all of them are never interlinked to each other, different host, different IP, different who is. We also login from different IP when publishing article.  

We know exactly what value Google wants to see in order to rank a website. With over 50 blogs with metrics of 20+ domain authority and 12+ trust flow we have always got the results our clients were after. Our metrics are very rare to find,

Our PBN:

- Over 50 blogs with flawless backlink profiles

- Domain authority 20 and above

- Trust flow 12 and above

- Unique contents only used

- Permanent homepage backlink - one link per post


- Permanent homepage link on our POWERFUL PBN (1 link/1 keyword per order) - DA 20+, TF 12+

- Free article (up to 500 words) - 100% unique content
- 2 days delivery


Are the links permanent?
- Yes they are.

Do you charge only once?
- Yes.

Do you have any restrictions of using KWs?
- Yes. Casino and adult KWs are strictly not allowed.

Do you do refunds?
- You are able to ask for a refund within 24 hours from your order. When the order will be delivered, no refunds are allowed.

Why so cheap?

We just started selling on source wave so we need to build our reputation by offering the best service at the best price, that's the market!

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Refund allowed within 24 hours from your order. No refunds allowed if order has been delivered.