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Private Blog Networks are one of the most effective ways to dominate the search engines. Having the ability to get backlinks from high authority PBNs and websites is a major asset for any business.
  • Absolutely, zero footprints
  • Premium, popular hosting
  • Quality registrars
  • Every domain, manually vetted by SEOs
  • 100% Spam Free Guarantee
  • Around the clock, index/uptime checking

This Service Is For You If You Want To...

Boost Search Engine Traffic

PBNs are a low risk cost efficient way to create as many relevant & authoritative backlinks as you want on demand. We use private blog networks to dominate some of the most competitive niches in SEO for our clients and we are here to help you achieve the same result..

About 75% Of Our Customers See Improvement In their Website rankings by an average of 40% in 1 Month!

Our PBN Metrics

  • Page Authority (from OpenSiteExplorer.com or we use our custom tool to check) 20+
  • Domain Authority (from OpenSiteExplorer.com I use DomainSpoon or my custom tool to check) 15+
  • ​Trust Flow (from MajesticSEO.com) 15+
  • Citation Flow (from MajesticSEO.com) 15+
  • Ultimate Niche Blogs Site metrics:
  • Very Low Home Page OBL.
  • Average DA 20 + and TF 15+
  •  Every blog is designed to look 100% Real with different Themes
  •  Different B, C class IPs with unique who is and name servers

We are having following niche blogs:

  • Automobile
  • Education
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Home
  • Law
  • Health
  • Shopping
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Sports


Why I need a Private Blog Network?
If you are a niche site owner and you want to rank your site as soon as possible, then you need a PBN service for a rapid ranking for competitive rank.

Is a Private Blog Network effective?
In a survey it has proved that 75% of the sites with PBN had improved their ranking within 1 month. Even those sites which have penalized by google has got a better SERp with PBN service.

When a Private Blog Network does not work, why?
  1. Lacking of proper on page optimization. If you haven’t done all the on page factors perfectly, then there is a chance that PBN will not work for your site.
  2. Link building is the another cause. If you build a lot of links to your money site from the PBN site’s homepage then it will not work.
  3. And the last one is poor quality content. If you use spinning content or robotic content on your PBN sites, then it will not work.
How much time PBN takes to work for my main site?
In our opinion, the answer is it doesn’t need a long time. If you have done all the steps perfectly, then PBN will work within one month. Why one month? Because your links need to be indexed in google. And it takes time to index and count the backlinks.

Is PBN effective to recover a Penguin Penalty?
yes, you can recover your site from a Penguin Penalty with a good PBN service. We have given PBN service two of our customers to recover their site and we have recovered those sites successfully.

What kind of metrics does your PBN site have?

our PBNs have exclusive domain with high Metrics and related almost every niche..

  • Trust Flow- 15+
  • Page Authority- 20+
  • Citation Flow- 20+
  • Domain Authority- 20+
Do you provide reports?

Yes, partial report with screenshot of post will be provided to safeguard our networks.

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