Find expired domains with high metrics for PBN

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Please contact me before you order. Thanks!

Note: For niche relevant domains you have to order +$20 extra. So niche domains will cost you $25.

What do you get?

Minimum for domain:

  • CF = 15+
  • TF  = 10+
  • Moz DA = 10+
  • Ahrefs DR = 25+
  • Reffering domains - 10+
  • No anchor spam!

Expired domain will be:

✔ NO SPAM!!!
✔ Cheaper than a domain at auction;
✔ Great & Authority
✔ Suitable for PBN;
✔ Each Domain will be available to be registered at your favorite domain provider;

Why to buy expired domains?

1. You own the domain name and can host it and put the exact content on it and use a backlink to your main money site or build as a main site.

2. You have full access to your website and can manage them at all the time if you want to remove them or change anchors.

3. It's cheaper than buy good hyperlink from high-authority website. The prices in good niches started from 200-300 USD per year. You will spend less to build your own PBN:

  • Domain : 5-25 $
  • Registration: 5-12$
  • Hosting : 20 $/y

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