Niche Relevant PBN Set Up -100% Hands Free - TF , CF- 20+ Free 1 Yr Hosting

SEO/PBN Creation
5 days estimated (10 days guaranteed) >
5 days on average
Small niche relevant pbn set up
Small pbn set up
Small niche relevant pbn set up
Small pbn set up

***Special Price Only for Source Market !***

- Bronze Package - 1x PBN Set up $45 

- Silver Package - 5 x PBN set up - $210 ( $15 OFF ! )

- Gold Package - 10 x PBN set up- $425 ( $25 OFF ! )


What's Included in the Package ?

- DFY domain registration and hosting purchase. 

- Niche relevant domain set up

- 2 x 500 words unique article. ( with images and videos)

- Professional theme and logo.

- Additional 10 industry related articles ( no follow, no index)

- One year of free hosting 

How do we set up our niche relevant PBNs?

Step 1. We scrape and evaluate domains with relevant history in your niche or have the potential to turn it into a niche relevant domain. 

Step 2. Next we check the domain metrics and link profile to make sure it's clean and have no previous history of spamming. 

Step 3. We register the domain and set up hosting on different class A or C hosting. All the domains will have whois enabled and high quality hosting will be used. 

Step 4. Based on the history of the site we either rebuild the old site ( if it's super relevant to your niche) or recreate it in Wordpress.

Step 5. If we recreate in WP, we populate the site with 2 unique articles (500+ words) and link back to your money site. In addition, we also find and publish other niche relevant contents ( news, blog posts, videos etc) and publish those along with unique articles. But we make them no follow, no index.

The idea is to make the site look natural and to pass the manual review. 

Step 6. We monitor the index status and regularly ping the sites to get them indexed asap. 

What are the domain metrics we follow?

- Trust Flow - 20 + , Citation Flow - 20+ 

- Clean backlink profile ( no porn, gambling etc links)

- Anchor text spam text

- Previous history check via 

- Number of drops and registrars check. 

- Valid TLDs that allow whois protection ( we don't take .uk, .ca etc domains as they don't allow whois protection)

Content Creation and Publish Strategy we follow:

- Article length at leat 500+ words

- Install all necessary plugins such as

  • Contact form
  • Privacy policy page ( no follow, no index)
  • Related post plugin
  • Speed up plugin ( w3 total cache)
  • Redirects plugin etc

- Include an image or video in the post

- External link to authority site + link to money site

Why Should You Choose Us?

- We help you build niche relevant PBNs only. These are the most safest and smartest way to build PBNs if you think about long term.

- We follow all the best practices and have years of experience in setting up niche relevant PBNs for hundreds of clients.

*** We respond to all customer queries within 6-12 hrs or faster. 

*** Satisfaction guaranteed ! 

*** If you have any questions, feel to PM me. I will be happy to answer

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Recommended. This gig provides exactly what we are looking for.....links, anchor text diversity, and fine metrics for the price.
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Thank you for providing this service, very high quality.
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Thank you for providing this service, very high quality.
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Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service , we can't issue any refund. Once the sites are purchased and ready there's nothing we can do. But, if for any reason you are not satisfied ( reasons must be valid), we'll try to compensate you in next orders.

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