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Do you need more backlinks? Would you like to get more links from PBN's in order to diversify or boost your link profile? Well then, here you go.

Why should you choose Yet Another Link Building Service?

We have solid metrics for solid backlinks at low, low prices. Just take a look at the metrics we use.

-No less than 10+ for DA, PA, TF and CF
-All PBN's built to strict Source Wave guidelines, some using Spyder Spanker - some not, different plugin profiles on each one + different themes.
-No more than 16 (recently raised from 10) backlinks per PBN period (most with less), which means there is a lot of link juice being passed.
-Different hosts. Different IP's, I try to make my PBN's with no feet at all ;)
-Some privatized, some using fake names.
-Most PBN's are "virgin", which means there has never been a backlink built on them.
-PBN's are being updated all of the time, so they never grow stale. This is even after they have reached the "16 link" mark.
-Come on a backlink for $5.00, definite value!

Please Note: That I am building new PBN's all the time. Because I do not like to build a lot of links on each PBN site I may run out temporarily from time to time. If I am out I will let you know.

Although I can only guarantee a 48 hour turnaround time, I usually try and build the backlinks out in an hour or less. If I am online when you order this is what will generally happen.

Each backlink will have a 300 word article associated with it, if you want a 500 word or a 1000 word article please see below.

Extremely low prices.

If you spent $10.00 for two backlinks - that is less than what you could buy hosting and registration for! At $5.00 per link what do you really have to lose!

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee website relevance.

Unless otherwise noted, these are general links - not contextual ones (meaning the websites may not be exactly relevant, but the article containing them will be). For $5.00 per link I cannot give out contextual links - I would go bankrupt - thank you for your understanding.

Please Note:

No adult links, no viagra (or viagra like products), no gambling links, no controversial/highly political links, these links are strictly on the up and up for businesses. I reserve the right to refuse your order if you are trying to sell garbage. Also, although I will give you a report of your links, I will not expose my entire network.

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