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Small source
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You know that the keyword research can make or brake every SEO project. If you do a poor keyword research and choose bad keywords it can be really costly in the long run; it can even kill your chances from the start.

If you on the other hand have few hundred or even thousand keywords from your seed keyword to chose from, scraped from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon ... ( a lot of "buyer intent" kewords there ;) ) and from your COMPETITION!!!. Yes, that's right, I'll scrape all the keywords from the websites on the 1st page of Google for your seed word!   And you can filter them by search volumen, CPC or profitability.

Profitability Score gives you an instant comparison so you can FOCUS on the most commercially viable keywords right from the start.

With a good keyword election, the half of the battle to dominate the 1st page is already won ;)

So for just $9 (that's 50% OFF, just the first 10 buyers, after I get 10 reviews I'm bumping the price up to $17)

you get a killer keyword research that can launch your  new site to dominate the 1st page or make you find better keywords and save you some time and money in ranking your already existing sites +  get hundreds or even thousands of unique keywords that your competitor is ALREADY ranking for.

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If you don't like the report I'll make you another one till you're 100% satisfied.