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SEO/Keyword Research
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We will find the best Keywords to target for your niche or business.

Targeting the wrong keywords or Bad Key Words will cost your business time and money.

What You Will Receive

A detailed PDF containing the search terms and competition data in easy to understand format, each column will list the keyword, searches per month, cost per click, the competition data for the top ten for each keyword and a breakdown of each position in the top ten so you can clearly see the competition strength and clear explanation of the best and most profitable to use.

You receive all key words that I find so you know what is best to target and what to avoid, depending on the niche or business this can be between 30 to 500 keywords.

I can run for anything from global campaigns or local business, I can run any language with competition.

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SEO expert with over 6 years of experience with have worked with local business owners for over 5 years and also work in affiliate marketing, We are expert in keyword research. If you check all our gigs, you will see that we focus in quality rather than quantity. Quality SEO services.