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Website Audit, Complete with SEO Report.

1 Domain name, with a Max of 15 Pages.

Did you know that the Search Engines can penalize you for Errors on your Website? Google and other Search engines is like any other Legitimate Business, and it only want to show their customer (The searcher) the top pages related to the search term, and if your Site is not Properly Optimized, WHAMM! They will penalize you!

Our in-depth SEO Report will make you aware of all the issues there is on your Website.

In this Service we cover the following On and Off page Optimization aspects:

1. In depth SEO Website review and site Audit.
2. Issues with your site content.
3. Issues with your Meta Tags
4. Issues with your Links.
5. Issues with the images you use.
6. Semantic Issues.
7. Any other visibility Issues
8. 1 Domain name, with a max of 15 pages.

Remember, you can’t fix something if you are not aware there is something wrong! Our in depth report will guide you step by step to fix those issues, and get ahead of your competition!

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almost 2 years ago
Great Service, I love the report layout. Will see for a few more Audits! Thanks.
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