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Custom YouTube Channel Optimization: We'll customize the settings on the channel and associate it with your website. Create a banner and customize the channel's icon and put in the company logo. We'll generate different playlists, featuring your videos and videos created by others. We'll create different sections on your channel home tab and fill these with your original videos, as well as carefully curated videos from other sources.

Accounts Set Up: We'll create a unique gmail account branded towards your business for YouTube profile. We'll also create a Dailymotion account and a Vimeo account and channel that is specifically branded toyour business.

Video Creation: We'll create unique storyboards to pre-visualize the video to ensure smooth and seamless execution of the video. We either take high resolution photos, provided by you, or we can source images. We will source free music to add to your video and ensure appropriateness. We'll add your logo to the video so the viewer will associate the video with the brand being promoted. We'll add a clear and enticing call-to-action at the end of the video to compel the viewer to take the desired action.

YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vemeo Video Uploading and Optimization: Before uploading the video, we'll rename the raw file with a targeted title and at the same time, we will aim to make use of the target keyword in the title, which will clearly define what the video is about. We'll also optimize the video description and make use of keywords for SEO purposes as well as additional information about the video, the company, and the products/services being showcased. As part of the optimization process, we'll place videos in their proper categories and tag the videos with the keywords and phrases that best describe them, and hence, the company as well. This includes optimizing for geo-location tags as well. We'll select a video thumbnail. We'll create video transcripts to accompany the videos, hence, once the transcript has been added, speech recognition technology will automatically match the captions to what is being said in the video. We'll insert the company name in the video description as well as include the website URL in the links section of the channel.

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I help small business rank their website and eventually increase their companies profit. I might not be the world's most talented SEO service provided, but on thing I'm sure is that by ordering my services you are much closer to that 1st spot on Google for any keyword.