PBN DOMAINS 15+DA 20+PA and 15+TF 15+CF

3 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >

Don't like spending hours going through PBN marketplaces only to over pay? All our domains will be put through a powerful process that only top SEO's use to distinguish quality. This is for the sale of 1 PBN domain. (add more through extras)

What we look for?

  1. No spam anchor text
  2. 15+DA 20+PA
  3. 15+TF 15+CF
  4. whois check, no more then 2 drops
  5. Archive Wayback Machine check, not used in the past for gambling/adult/pharmaceutical purposes
  6. Will be .com / .org / .net / .ca
  7. Referring domains will be 10+

**PBN's not guaranteed to be niche specific but all will be powerfully juiced to deliver amazing results. Same types of domains we use to get #1 rankings.

*as many notable experts in the industry say, non-niche specific PBN's can still achieve incredibly effective results when used correctly.

Will deliver the domain(s) within 24-72 hours on average. We currently use the same type of domains to get #1 rankings.  Registrar is Godaddy / Moniker / Bigrock / Namecheap with 1 full year of registration.


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8 hours

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Refund Rate

We will replace the domain if it does not get indexed within eight days time. No cash refunds.

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