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Hi there, my name is Aarne and I run ShusSEO. I have 10+ years of experience in marketing and 4+ years in SEO. If anyone didn't know (and actually I don't know who even would care) Shusse is a japanese noun and a verb that tells pretty much everything about us and of our work. The definition of shusse is as follows; Noun: success in life - The one thing we aim for our customers through our services. Verb: rise (in the world, to a position, etc.) - The one we thrive for our customers in SERPs. Ohhhh, them wordplays.

Order and judge for yourself. We give always full refund if we don't deliver in guaranteed time, so there is no risk.

If you have anything to ask please throw me a message.

Sometimes getting views for your video might seem slow especially when you're just uploaded the video. Buying views is a good way to kickstart your videos popularity and reputation. It might even help you out with getting your video on full viral mode. We provide the safest views on the market and you can boost your video even further with our powerful extras.

What is included for $5:

  • YouTube views minimum of 2000
  • Views will have HIGH audience retention rate
  • Long watch time
  • Views will be spread naturally over days (this is why the long guaranteed time)
  • Global quality views good for ranking on YT & Google
  • Mixed demographics
  • Will FIX 301+ frozen videos!!
  • Traffic also from embedded players and mobile apps
  • Real human views, safest views in the market
  • Fast delivery, orders start within 48 hours
  • Very responsive support
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • We ALWAYS over deliver, our customers happiness is our top priority

Note this BEFORE buying the service:

  • Turn your monetization (Adsense) OFF! (you can turn it back on after the video has been promoted)
  • Remove all restrictions of your video before promoting
  • Do not promote more that one video from the same channel at the same time
  • If you have another promotion running on your video at the moment don't order another to overlap
  • This IS NOT some quick blast to your video, but a campaign that has long term effect on your video. We dripfeed everything to keep things natural.
  • If you get any extra it will prolong your ranking campaign, there is no point of running view campaigns on top of another you get no extra boost from that. For example if you buy the basic package AND real traffic for 30 days, the extra will start after basic package is fully completed. This is a benefit for our customer, keeps things natural and is long term.

If you have any questions, contact us before buying the service. You can message us by clicking "Message seller" button on the right sidebar.

Please note that extras add up! If you order 50 likes AND 150 likes you will get 200+ likes. Same with every extra.

I will not accept SPAM or PPD videos, downloads, keygenerators, cracking, hacking, exploits, cheats, emulators, passwords, codes and points generators or anything else that violates YouTube TOS. So don't buy if you want to promote those. Rule of thumb: If you're trying to rank something iffy, don't order from me.


RISK FREE! FULL money back guarantee if not delivered in guaranteed time.

If you need something special, let us know. I'm sure we can help.

For example, we also build PBNs:

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RISK FREE! FULL money back guarantee if not delivered in guaranteed time.

I have been working in SEO for the past 15 years, getting our websites and clients websites on to the first page of Google. I work around 12 hours per day, Monday to Friday and at the weekend, I like nothing better than cooking outdoors for family and friends.