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Small article to video conversion
Small avr try it before you buy it
Small article to video conversion
Small avr try it before you buy it

Convert Your Text Article to an MP4 Video

Article Video Robot is one of the better online text to video tools, and one of the few that offer a variety of robotic voices to narrate your text.

Before ordering this service, check out the You-Tube link describing the service or visit to see an example of what the videos look and sound like.

If you like the service, you can either order more or you can simply use the URL for AVR I just gave you to sign up for your own paid membership.

****Please note, I'm offering this dirt cheap to start because I'm a new seller in the marketplace and this is a new service.Reviews are appreciated! But also be aware at some point this gig will go to $5. Also, I have no idea what the volume will be, so at some point I may have to extend the duration.

***Also, the first 50 people to order this gig will receive a surprise over-delivery! 

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PLEASE be aware of what robotic voices sound like. AVR is better than some, but the technology has limits. At the price this service is currently at, I cannot provide refunds if you don't like how the voice sounds. Refunds are issued automatically if initial video is not submitted to you within the guaranteed duration. I'll work with you on modifications / improvements and issue refunds on a case by case basis for other circumstances.