A Certified T.B. Solutions SEO\PBN Domain! + Bonus (Official Thread)

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Get a Certified T.B. Solutions SEO Domain!

100% spam-free & loaded with authorized backlinks.

For example:

About Us

Hello, Tom from T.B. Solutions here. I'm sure most of you have already heard about us. We are the leading company in SEO\PBN domains since 2010 and we've worked with some of the biggest SEO gurus in the industry (including Mr. Becker himself) even before they became gurus :)

The reason we are the leaders in this field is because we do everything "by the book" - the right (and hard) way - we DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS. All our domains are being analyzed by our experts and pass many automatic and manual quality control checks to ensure they are:

  1. 100% Spam-free, never been (mis)used before and not on Google's radar - therefore safe for PBN\SEO.
  2. Have authorized backlinks from diverse sources which are natural and with high PR - therefore having real SEO value.

We simply got the best SEO domains out there, period.

To learn more about our domains and service, feel free to visit our website - tbsolutions.info

The Offer

Edit: This offer is for new members only and can be redeemed only once.

For this specific offer you will get one of our quality SEO domains with retail price of $70+ that is:

  • 100% spam-free and never been (mis)used before.

  • Has at least 5 PR2+ authorized backlinks (+ many additional PR2- natural backlinks).
    This guarantees you get a real SEO value/juice!
  • Optional: niche related  ($5 extra) . Please notice that since we only deal with natural domains that used to be natural websites, it's very rare to find domains with SEO niches. Anyway, all our domains have general backlinks from authorized sources that will pass SEO juice and give you an actual impact regardless of your niche.

  • Optional: language specific ($5 extra). If not selected we will provide a domain with at least 30% English backlinks.


By taking this offer you will also get:

  • A Lifetime 5% extra discount on our service.
  • $10 in credits - welcome bonus for new members only.

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