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Introducing Alfazz PBN Setup service!

The only PBN setup service that make your PBN sites look like real websites without costing you an arm and a leg.

Here’s how we do it

internet-archive-logo2We will build your PBN site with ALL the design and content of previous version of your PBN domain that can be downloaded from archive.org.

If your PBN domain wasn’t archived, we will find an expired domain in the same niche and use its archived pages for your PBN site.

With this approach, you are taking advantage of the following:

 100% legit looking sites – your PBN sites will look 100% like real active sites with their own logos/images providing real product/service/information pertaining to their previous site activity.

 High quality content – thanks to our “archive.org” page resurrection techniques, your PBN sites will instantly have dozens or even hundreds of active pages of quality content that someone in the past had spent time or money creating them.

Penalty-proof – your PBN sites will have much had a chance of passing manual inspection or algorithm penalties due to the above-mentioned advantages

If you’re thinking:

“How am I going to post articles to the front page without having to log in the FTP and mess with codes? I only know how to use WordPress, which is easy to post and manage articles.”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Utilize the power of WordPress

Alfazz PBN Setup service will give you the ability to use WordPress to post articles to the homepage (without messing up the design of the downloaded site from archive.org).

No one and no tools can tell that you’re using WordPress thanks to our coding customization.

In other words, no footprints.

You will also be able to utilize useful WordPress plug-ins for PBNs such as Spider Spanker, Link Privacy, etc.

spyder                       YOAST_logo_RGB                     mainwp-updraftplus-extension

Optimize your PBN sites for maximum power

We are not only PBN builders but also EXPERIENCED SEOs, so we know how to optimize your PBNs to achieve optimal SEO benefits

Redirect all the 404 pages to the homepage.

Nofollow all the external links on the homepage to save the link juice of your PBNs.

Block bots from services like Majestic and Moz using Link Privacy plugin.

Check whether previously the domain URL had www. or not and set up accordingly.

We call this the Perfect PBN Setup Service because:

 Your PBNs are penalty-proof because they are real websites with content and design that the previous owners happened to abandon.

Your PBNs are easy to manage using WordPress.

 You can focus on scaling your business while we build long-lasting PBN sites for you.

Check out some of the complete PBN setups done by our superb service

     mb-media.at                                                            www.cmmequip.org 

sample            samplesite3

Agricultural Communications Services           


Frequently asked questions

What is the turnaround time of your PBN setup service?

Your PBN setup will be delivered to you via email within 3 days to 10 days, if you provide us with the correct details. Our goal is to take time to deliver complete and fully functioning PBNs.

Will the previous owners of the website sue me for taking their content?

In the past years, we have built hundreds of PBNs and there are only a few cases where taking the content from archive.org became a problem.

1. In one case, the owner couldn’t contacted us (because we use different whois infos). So he found out our hosting company and contacted them. Our hosting company then forced us to remove the copyrighted content. That’s it. The domain is still in our possession.

2. In another case, two of our domains were suspended at the same time by the registry because what we did was stupid. Those 2 domains were government sites and we took their previous contents and used them. In a nutshell, don’t mess with governments.

Those are only 2 cases where we had problems with taking and using content from archive.org. No one will sue you for doing this.

Think about this. The previous owners abandoned the sites and the contents, which means they don’t need it anymore.

Does your PBN setup service leave a footprint?

We are aware of the fact that a WordPress setup in the same place with HTML sites downloaded from archive.org can leave footprints.
So we had came up with a solution to completely hide WordPress.
Check out our example PBN setups above and view the source code, you will see that the source code doesn’t contain any elements that are commonly used in WordPress.

We also change/hide access to WordPress folders/files. For example, the sites in the PBN setup example section are only using WordPress, but the login URL is changed. You cannot login by accessing /wp-login.php anymore.

We know the question about footprint is big. So if you still have concerns about it, feel free to contact us.

Can I edit the inner pages of my PBN site?

With our setup service, you can easily post your articles/links to the front page using WordPress. That’s what most people need.
However, for whatever reason you want to edit the inner pages, you can always login your FTP account and manually edit the codes.

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7 months ago
Easy to work with. Appreciate the service.
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7 months ago
Great gig with all links indexed when the order was completed. The page trust flow is as described usually mid teens. I will be back for more thanks.
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8 months ago
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9 months ago
Over delivered in Quality. Exceeded my expectations. Varied sites which Google will love. Thank You
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9 months ago
Nice Service :)
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9 months ago
Excellent work brother
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10 months ago
Looks clean and metrics confirmed.
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10 months ago
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