All Star Permanent Home Page Contextual Link Service - January 2017 Update

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Introducing Monroe SEO’s All Star PBN link service!

·       Tired of losing link juice when your link rolls off the front page?

·       Tired of crappy contextual links…that roll off the front page?

Stop Wasting Your Money On PBN Links That Roll Off The Homepage In A Week!

Well now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

How does Permanent Home Page Links Sound?


Here's what I am offering when you order my gig for just $25:

  • A unique written article, NO SPUN CONTENT, of 400+ words with a contextual back link
  • Various Niches as outlined below to choose from--DID YOU SEE THAT RIGHT...YOU CHOOSE!
  • Any anchor text
  • Article will be based on anchor text or if you specify something else, I'll accommodate
  • Your article will be a permanent sticky post on the home page...another won't lose your TF because your article will always be on the homepage
  • No PBN footprints...all are on different servers worldwide

Below are the Topical Flow Pbn’s I have available at the moment:

Updated as of January 4th 2017!

Topical TF                     TF        CF         DA

Recreation/Travel          21        22          18

world/recreation            21        11           13

News/Media                   20        14           9

Recreation/Sports         20        16          18

recreation/travel            19        12          10

business/science          19        22          31

business/marketing       17       12          25

health/mental health      17       18          16

arts/society                     16       10          15

health                              15       16          14

business/society           15        16          36

society/religion              14        10         10

science/reference          13        16          22

science/health               12         7           20

society/health                 10        17         18

arts/society                     10        15         11

Business/Sports             8          7          19

health/society                 7         20         20

reference/health             7         14          21



I only have 8-9 spots available per domain above. I am doing this to keep the OB links per homepage down to give my customers a stronger link.

With this being said, once all spots are gone per pbn above I will no longer offer any spots on that pbn.

So as you can see, spots are limited.

A note about the sites your links will appear on:

·       All sites have varied themes

·       All are on unique servers worldwide

·       All have a privacy policy, contact and about us page

·       Each PBN contextual link article ordered with have an imbedded video and one other link out to an authority site that is relevant to the article to ensure the post is as natural as can be

·       All sites will have content posted a few times a month to keep them looking natural


So, when you order you will simply tell me the following:

1.   Anchor text and url you want me to use

2.   Topical TF PBN you would your link on

Side note: I do not accept any adult, gambling, Illegal money laundering, porno etc. links or sites to link to.

When your order is complete you will get the actual site where your link is so that you can check it at anytime and make sure it is still there.

So that's it, no fancy graphics, shenanigans or useless fluff...just a solid offer!

If you should have any questions please feel free to message me, I will be more than happy to respond.

Thanks for your interest in my Gig and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Best Regards,

Monroe SEO

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