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Travel / Hotel / Edinburgh / Scotland Backlink


Tired of buying links that roll off the homepage in 3-4 weeks?

The problem with those links is that they never have time to age. Once they roll off the homepage they are permanent but all you end up with is a TF: 0 / CF: 0 backlink.

Quality backlinks grow in power as they age! the true impact of a powerful, relevant backlink isn't realized for up to 6 months!

Our ultimate goal is to provide value to our clients and customers which is why we only sell links that will remain on the homepage for a minimum of 6 months!

TF: 27
CF: 31
RD: 109
DA: 29
PA: 41

About The Backlinks:
6 links with TF >= 30
12 links with TF > 20

This PBN is setup to OMG Standards

Here are the gig details:
1. One permanent back link, your link will be on the homepage for 6 or 12 months depending on your order and then roll off the homepage and be on the site permanently.
2. This site is an auction domain that has always been related to Edinburgh, Scotland, Hotels and Travel
3. This PBN is setup to OMG standards, it is indexed and not penalized
4. 100% hand written, 400-500 word article. We have trusted writers assigned to each of our sites. Your link will be relevant to your business and the website.
5. We only rent 10 links on the homepage at any given time. When we sell out, this gig will come down until there is an available spot
6. Your post will contain 3+ relevant outbound authority links and 1 relevant YouTube video and/or image.
7. Full Report including domain name when the order has been completed.

We vet all the links that go on our PBNs.

We only link to high quality websites which makes these links safe for your clients or affiliate projects.

Before placing your order please contact us with:
1. The url you want to link to
2. The anchor text you want as the link
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