Majestic High Trust Flow PBN - TF/Da/Pa 20+

10 days estimated (15 days guaranteed) >
8 days on average

Genuine Authority Blog Network 
20+ Trust Flow 
High Domain Authority
Highly Trusted Domains To Rank and Boost Your Money Site

About Our Network:
1) Domains hosted on different locations with different nameservices and A/B/C Class IPs.

2) Unique Copyscape passed articles with different images.

3) Unique theme used on each blog.

4) Free Drip Feed Service Included with each order.

5) Each Order Had 60 Days Replacement Guarantee


10 unique articles
10 urls maximum
10 keywords maximum



20 Unique articles
20 urls maximum
20 keywords maximum


30 unique articles
30 urls maximum
30 keywords maximum


40 unique articles
40 urls maximum
40 keywords maximum



1) Time Frame 7 - 14 days depending on work load
2) Report will be provided via screenshot
3) Drip feed provided free. By default, 1 day for 10 posts, 2 days for 20 posts, 3 days for 30 and 5 days for 50 posts respectively.
4) Restrictions: No adult/dating, gambling, online movies, personal music items, dance parties/concerts, liquor, vine, religious sites, nudity/erotic/sexy wall papers.


Received a review copy on a solid domain with DA of 27 and over 13.5 years, that was perfect for my needs. He has it laid out nicely and was quick to respond when I asked for a couple tweaks to my article. I've used this services before, so I knew he'd do a great job with this...happily recommended.

I placed my order and had the pleasure to receive my report today, everything is exactly as advertised and promised.. Would rate it 8/10 and reorder again anytime soon

I got my review copy yesterday.. but was unable to type in a review yesterday. Good quality domain with DA/PA close to 30. Though PR doesn't matter these days, the domain was PR3. The website looked neat and the article was published with a related image. You can't get better

I got my review copy
DA: 28
PA: 29
My link was indexed very fast. After 8 hours i got the report. The link was indexed. Have an image related with keword in the post.
I have 1 naked url and anchor text to my site. This is great. I'll comeback with the transaction ID soon

I was lucky enough to have the review copy, Truly im saying this is Fantastic, highly recommended this service, he provide me PR2 site posting with awesome page, image included keyword bold and linked with url,

This review got my eye for think about bulk order for our business websites. TAT awesome
Communication Fast than any one quality Best as always. Over all goodwork

Honest review

He did a pretty good job . Fast TAT and quality 10/10.
I will get back with an order soon. Thank you !

Great guys Very qucik TAT & Within few hrs blogpost live.

Domain Analysis:
PR 3, PA28 / DA27, TF 11 & CF 7
Ahrefs (Domain Rank 43, Backlinks 450+, Referring Domains 150+)
Majestic (Referring Subnets 100+, Referring IPs 180+)

I'm impress article quality & blog unique theme. The service was done really fast as fast. Recommended!

tutughosh Tried a 30 Post package on a site that has never had any links pointed at it. Fairly competitive term. and Keyword moved from nowhere to #32 Just in few days..I'm sure it will give me more boost when all links will be indexed

I also checked all domains Pa/Da and Pr and all domains have Pa/Da 20+ as stated on Op and All domains have different themes and different images which is really great to avoid any footprint I'm going to order more packages soon after my new sites

Leith Review

Got a discounted copy from Mohsin so I accepted it.

Keywords have moved from #97 to #29 and theres still plenty more time left before I settle in.

I wouldn't say the term is super hard but it is fairly competitive. As everyone has said above, all footprints are almost none existent. PA/DA is genuine (I checked them all), and the blogs all look unique.

Il keep my results updated here if they change but so far its a thumbs up for me and Im happy I got this at the discounted price, although I will NOT hesitate paying full price for this!

dillycool I was one of the Early Birds who tried his Service.

As Usual Mohsin service's are top notch and this is a no-brainer. I tested this on one of my personal website, which is competitive one with 14,000 Exact. Ranking details are as follows From #12 to #10 Main Keyword From #26 to #8 Secondary Keyword From #15 to #2 Secondary keyword What else to say, Ranking's says it all.

just received report from Majestic and I must say I am very impressed with quality of this service. Mohsin is always available on skype for any questions.
I checked all links in simple excel sheet and found some really strong sites. And they were in diverse platform so it’s a major point of this service, Also Checked PA/DA Of those domains and they were 20+

For serp movement it will be too early to say but I’m sure this will help me in coming days. I’ll update this thread after few days.

derago21 Just received my blog post links from mohsinmajestic as a review and again I love the quality of the site and Pr was 3 and Da was 28Site Contain unique theme and all the content on the site was top notch

innozemecI received a review copy of this serviceThe blog is with High PR and PA/DA as well
The blog has custom nice looking theme and is clean and tidily arranged The posts are professionally done as well, including image relative to the post topic I am absolutely happy with the service provided! Good luck with sales OP!
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Will buy again
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Great Quality. Really boosted my stats. Thanks.
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Thank you, very good seller and very fast.
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