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First of all, I never cheat or steal my clients, 100% positive reviews till now. I refuse to use dishonest sales slang as "stupidly easy keywords" , "easiest keywords on earth" , "super-duper easy keywords" , "ridiculously easy keywords that will make you thousands with no work whatsoever" , etc.

The truth is that ranking for a specific keywords WILL take some work, time investment and expenses. What I can provide are keywords that can actually BE RANKED by the average marketer with a small budget that is just starting out, and that will actually MAKE MONEY once ranked.


To be able to accurately tell if a keyword is indeed easy to go for or not one has analyze MANUALLY the top 10 results that Google brings for a specific keywords, with the ASSISTANCE of tools.

Beware of sellers that proclaim relying on custom bots or tools to do some sort of "industrial-scale" keyword research, without mentioning manual work. This probably means that you'll be in front of a mere "keyword scrapper" and not a true "keyword researcher" who really understands the manual work that is needed in this craft.

Building a site around the wrong keywords can be a tremendous waste of MONEY AND TIME.

My Keyword Research is the ONLY current service on SM that guarantees you will be getting keywords that fulfill ALL the requirements that make a keyword easy to rank AND profitable.

Let's see what they are:

High Local Monthly Searches
  •  Amazon, CPA and Click bank keywords will have a minimum of 700+ USA local monthly searches.
High Commercial Intent
  • This is a KEY aspect and I'm APPEALED to see how little importance inexperienced sellers give to this aspect; concentrating only on SEO competition, and completely forgetting that not all keywords will make money even if ranked in the first spot of Google.
  • Branded keywords are usually harder to rank, as you are competing against established brands most of the time whi have already optimized their SEO efforts mainly towards their own brand keywords. That's why I provide non-branded keywords exclusively.
  • All my keywords are NON-SEASONAL, which have similar search volumes throughout the different months, making you MONEY ALL YEAR ROUND.

Secondary Long-Tail Keywords

  • It's always a good idea to include related keywords which you could also rank for making you some extra money that will sum up to main profit source represented by the primary keyword or keywords.
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Very good seller, and excellent communication. I will definitely recommend his services for high quality links.
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