I Will Provide You With 100 SoundCloud Likes

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Hi People! Welcome to my ad :)

Please read this carefully:
  - With this gig purchase we will Provide You With 100 SoundCloud Likes (all you need to do is to provide us your url track)
  - You can order more if you need it
  --> SoundCloud likes will probably stay on your profile (forever?), however there is always some risk
  --> I believe that the likes are safe and that will be unlikely to get your SoundCloud account banned but maybe there is some risk; so, no guarantees!
  --> I cannot control users behaviour, so there is no guarantee of sales, profit or revenue of any kind, etc.
  --> This service will be probably done in less than the stated time
  --> Admin access is not needed!
  --> Consumer satisfaction and fast delivery
  --> We are looking forward to long term business!
  - No adult, gambling, defamatory, goji berries, ponzi schemes, mlm, etc.

Please, feel free to check out my other gigs,
Thanks a lot ;)
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