I will audit AdWords account, and send a detailed proposal to improve ROI

Marketing/Web Analytics
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Small google adwords managment what is it 2
Small google adwords
Small google adwords managment what is it 2
Small google adwords
Having more than 6 years experience as a PPC Freelancer, I'm very well-versed in what it takes to get an AdWords account performing well.

What you can expect if you buy.
1. Overall account review
2. Bid Management suggestions
3. Recommendations to improve Average Position
4. Recommendations to improve CTR
5. Recommendations to improve Conversions and Conversion Rates
6. Recommendations for optimised account structure
7. Keyword refinement
8. Keyword match type recommendations
9. Negative keywords based on search queries
10. Better Keyword-Ad Parity
11. Split test of ads- including Landing Page recommendations
12. Optimisation suggestions for ad extensions
13. Re-marketing recommendations
14. Any other AdWords features that will improve performance
15. Ongoing suggestions for you to implement regularly to optimise your account

I've handled clients from various countries and a variety of different industries. I never use a cookie-cutter approach and always make sure my optimisation suggestions are customised to each client.
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