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Do you have lead gen site in mind?

 How much is it worth to have a live listing generating leads for you?.... $2k-$6k+ in profit each month?

 I can help verify your Google Business listing. This will be done with phone verification, which will require me to speak with a real Google customer service agent to get your business listing live.

  1. Phone verify your Google Local Listing
  2. Setup your Google Business Page the right way (Includes GEO Targeting certain elements)
  3. If you do not have a physical address, that is fine, I can help take care of that too.

Whatever your plans may be for your website/business listing, You do not have to depend on a postcard,P.O.BOX or Virtual Office.  

This process takes roughly around 15-18 days or longer in order to verify your lead gen site or business site.

We Only offer a complete refund if we are Not able to phone verify your listing.

NO Locksmith Niches

***Please note that with the most recent Google Updates happening right now it has been causing us take longer than normal to verify listings, we can still get them done, it simply just takes a bit more time, things will get back to normal as the Updates settle...*******


Creating a Maps Listings is extremely valuable for traffic and leads. Getting a listing created elsewhere or attempting it on your own puts yourself at risk.

***Ron, makes sure your accounts are secured. ***


As of April 1st, 2016 Google changed several concepts within Google Maps. We are perfectly aware of it and are still capable of creating listings.

The process has become very detailed and requires more resources and time on our end.  Others who have failed before now come to us to get the job done.


We no longer offer training.

We will pause this campaign once we reach capacity.


Kotton Grammer Approved !  Kotton Grammer- Leading Mentor/Partner in the OMG SEO Group utilizes and endorses this service.  

You will receive a complete refund if we do not verify your listing.

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