I Will Do Negative SEO for You

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Huge Scrapebox Blast 5000+ Links For Your Website backlinks. I will do it all by awesome software scrapebox on various blogging platforms. I need only website and keyword which you want to blast.

Be careful with negative effect.

Direct links to money site can cause bad seo so please be careful or your rank will drop!

You may Use them for your established sites,  web 2.0, tier 2 or tier 3  Or you risk negative effect ! :)

Higher number of links with ping increases the chances of Negative checkout my awesome extras for make your campaign bigger and better

GIG Features:

  • Complete report
  • Always over deliver
  • Complete expert guidance
  • May act negative but its not guaranteed
  • Thrice in quantity from average Fiverr seller

If you have questions - feel free to ask!

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I'm a professional internet marketer , and expert of adsense . I'm also a good writter so i can help you with your websites and SEO. Since 2012 i'm earnings with blackhat methods and adsense !