Drip Feed 12000 High Retention Views, 10 Custom Comments and 300+ Likes

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Do you have a video you're trying to rank within YouTube's indexing service?
Are you having problems with it?
Let me do it for you, and you will have your video rocketing up the ranks. 

What can I provide?
12 000 High Retention Views
- 300+ Likes
- 10 Custom Comments

Getting a video to rank isn't easy, and it's even harder when you don't have a lot of experience. However, having a combination of views, likes and comments on a video can significantly increase the exposure of the video, as well as boost the traffic to it, and your channel. Doesn't matter if it's your video or a client's, I can take care of it. I will give you real traffic, that means something both to you, and YouTube's Indexing Service, and you will have your video skyrocket through the ranks. 
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If you don't have good keywords, as well as other important ranking factors, nobody can guarantee you that your video will rank successfully. Even though I'll do my best and provide the full service I describe, I cannot guarantee that your video will come out on top. As a matter of fact, nobody can. There are other variables in play that I have absolutely no control over. I will not refund you in case the video fails to rank, but if I fail to deliver everything I promise, or if I don't deliver it on time, you will get your money back.