I will post 500 Twitter tweets for 5$ with your url and keyword

1 day estimated (1 day guaranteed) >

5$ = 500 tweets, 10$ = 1250 tweets, 15$ = 2000 tweets

I will post Twitter tweets with your URL + your keywords from many accounts.
In theory, every useful webpage must be shared on social media. How can there be a valuable #1 ranked page, that no one has ever shared on social media? There can't and Google knows it. Social signals is an easy way to fix this problem and Twitter tweets play an especially huge role in Google's algorithm.

  • Delivered from accounts that look absolutely real - avatar, header image, bio.
  • 24h delivery(usually sooner)
  • Cheapest price in the whole SEO universe. Don't believe it? Try searching.

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Why is it so cheap?
I am temporarily testing a demand before making an automated website. It's a competitive niche and to dominate, you have to provide something better for your customers(in this case, price is a lot better). Also, while system is still new, it is better to make low profit than no profit.
Is it safe?
Of course, it is 100% safe from Google's Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird or any other algorithm update.
How can I test your results?
After order is finished, I will send you a list of all tweets URLs.
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