★Editorial Links On Globally Recognized Sites - WITH 3 QUALITY ARTICLES★

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19 days on average

Contextual Editorial Links On Alexa Ranked Branded Sites - DA 90+, TF 70+!

Contextual editorial links on real sites, recognized around the world, with millions of daily visitors and even more social shares are the HOTTEST links right now.

Get THREE flawless articles published on THREE of the world renowned sites from our extensive inventory. All articles written by journalists with your link naturally placed in a contextually relevant article.

Inventory A - Do Follow

Site 1 - DA 83 - $120
Site 2 - DA 80 - $120
Site 4 - DA 79 - $120
Site 3 - DA 77 - $120
Site 4 - DA 73 - $120
Site 5 - DA 51 - $100
Site 6 - DA 90 - $100

Inventory B - No Follow

Site 1 - DA 100 -$75
Site 2 - DA 93 - $75
Site 3 - DA 90 - $75
Site 4 - DA 77 - $50
Site 5 - DA 46 - $50
Site 6 - DA 59 - $50

Choose ANY 2 sites from Inventory Aand one site from Inventory B for just$250

The writers who create your articles and insert your links with choice of anchor and keywords have had to undergo long and difficult application processes and now have full access to the sites as writers.

In order to protect our writers, we do not share samples or publish our site list publicly. Once you've paid for the service, you'll be given our full inventory containing all our top tier site to choose from. After you've made your choice, all we need is your link and anchor keywords, along with any other instructions you have regarding the articles, and we'll send you the drafts before publication.

Q: How Big Are These Sites Really?

A: These sites genuinely feature in Alexas 200 global rankings and their articles are regularly picked up by Google News, Facebook and other aggregators/social media.

Q: What Sort of Links Are You Offering?

A: All links are contextually placed inside 500-800 word articles written by us and our team of journalists. The links appear with your choice of anchor text that flows naturally within articles written to reflect your niche. These articles all pass the incredibly high standards on these sites.

Q: How many links can we put in one article?

A: Only one link with choice of anchor text is offered per article, but exceptions can be made as long as the integrity of the main article is not compromised via keyword stuffing.

Q. What is the order process?

A. Once you've placed your order here, we will email you with the full inventory containing all do follow sites in inventory A and no follow sites in inventory B. Email us back with two choices from inventory A that are relevant to your niche and one from inventory B, including link and anchor details. We'll let you know the turnaround time and send you the article for pre-approval before it is submitted to editors.

Q: How long will it take to get the article?

A: It really depends on the site you purchase and the type of article you request. Some articles can take 48 hours to publish, other sites take up to 21 days.

Q: How long are the links guaranteed?

A: We assume links will be there permanently, however, as we own none of the sites and can't be responsible for what happens to them, these links come with a full refund guarantee of 30 days and a full replacement guarantee for 60 days.

Q. Why don't you guarantee links beyond 60 days?

A: If you buy a link and then proceed to blast it all over the internet with blackhat tactics, Google will begin de-indexing all sites containing your links. When it de-indexes a site, it tells the site owner why. The editors of the site will then check the offending article and delete the link. That's why we can only guarantee links for up to 2 months and no more. 
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