125 Google Map Citations For Local SEO Domination!

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For this service I will be providing you with 125 Google Custom Maps also known as Google Maps Citations.

These custom Maps provide a Do Follow Link From Google Itself. Additionally I have personally had great success using these to rank in the Google snack pack/Google Maps section.


What I need From You:
  • (Google + Local Page Url (Google Business Page URL) [optional]
  • Website URL 
  • Up to 8 Keywords You Wish To Rank For
  • Business Physical Address, Zip, And Phone Number
  • You to check out the extras to get the most out of this service.


  • Are Maps created from an IP address local to their location? YES
  • Are these local directory citations such as Yelp, and Foursquare? NO. These are Google Maps Citations.
  • "When will I see results?" This is a vague question with no real answer. It depends upon other actions you have taken, keyword difficulty, competition, and numerous other factors. If you buy this expecting it to rank you by itself you are going to be disappointed and you should go find a different service.

Please send me any questions you have before you order.

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