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Rank your Business in Your Town or City

One of the key ingredients of local rankings are getting the right citations, and local directory backlinks.

I am offering 15 submissions for local seo. I can choose the 15 or you can send me a list. These will be of very high quality and will help your business big time. These are very safe manual submissions. Top Quality and a great price.

I guarantee that 80% of your submissions will become live listings and a lot of the time a higher rate is achieved. Guarantee is waived if you send your own list. I have attached pics of a few of my local rankings. I can do the same for you.

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Always a pleasure doing business with you!

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Great service as always, Thank alot....
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Completed as expected
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I have been involved with internet marketing in various forms since 2001. I started with ppc before Google had a ppc platform. This year I decided to move away from the affiliate side of things and start focusing on client side local seo.