Get A Niche Local Business List to Sell Your Products [ 500 Contacts ]

Marketing/Email Marketing
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Are you planning on launching a cold calling or cold emailing campaign? This Service is the only one in Konker that will provide you with a list of all businesses in your location including Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, Facebook Page & Contact Email.

After you order from us, you can expect to launch your campaign immediately which means you can start making money NOW and focus on getting sales!

What do you get exactly?

A list of niche specific 500 business contacts in your location.

You can use this list to launch a cold calling campaign, send emails to drive traffic to a landing page, create a look-a-like audience on Facebook for advertising, send physical mail, the possibilities are endless!


I have gathered years of experience helping million dollar software companies promote their services. When you buy this service I will give you access to over 44+ hours of training videos where you will learn how to make the best from an email list ($99 Value)

You will learn:

How to increase Facebook Page Fans Fast with an email list and drive traffic to your offers
+ How to cold email a new list and start selling your products
+ How to find your first customer using email
+ How to create a Facebook look-a-like audience and save thousands
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