Custom Done-For-You 100% Amazon FBA Business | $10k+/month Potential

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Tired of trying to rank and bank with affiliate sites, only to get hit with a penalty and see all your hard work literally wash away right in front of your eyes?

How would you like to own a legit company where its growth potential is through the roof?

Read on to learn more about this completely "done-for-you" Amazon FBA business!

=== Too Long, Don't Wanna Read ===
* Amazon FBA Supplement Business for Sale - $1497
* Comes with Website, Selling Guide, Product Creation
* Make around 600% ROI per sale
* Possibility of more than $10k/mo.

===== Website Features =====
* Done-For-You Niche Research - Will be a supplement (HUGE niche!)
* Done-For-You Physical Product Creation - Label Creation
* Custom Designed HTML website
* Custom Designed admin panel to keep track of orders
* Stripe integration to allow sales directly on the site

===== Website Monetization =====
This site sells PHYSICAL PRODUCTS. We do all the hard work and pick a product and develop it. Selling on amazon and through the website will be how you make money. 

More on it's potential...

Costs are about: $7/each bottle
Sell for approximately: $50/each (Although, it's up to you what you want to sell for)

Thats a huge markup and it's super scalable, especially if you bring on affiliates...

===== What You'll Receive Upon Purchase =====
* Complete Website (Fully built, ready to go)
* Domain Account (1yr)
* Hosting Account (1yr)
* SSL Active on site
* You'll also receive a custom made eBook that outlines the exact process we do, to make these sites successful. We are currently using the exact same strategy... it works ;)

NOTE 1: You will need a stripe account in order to accept orders through your site.

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