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Now You Can Rent Your Directory Pages to Clients Quickly and Easily

Imagine having clients contact you to rent your directory pages, right from the page - no cold calling required. Now you can with Easy Rent, a simple script you install on your site in minutes.

Easy Rent is a script that works on your WordPress site to display an attractive, attention getting sticky footer contact form on pages you want to rent for $200, $300, or more per month to clients.

Once you've rented your page or pages, a simple addition to the page will seamlessly iframe your client's site right into the page, making it look like it should've been there the whole time.

You'll keep your rank juice because you're not redirecting to a client site, and the client enjoys all the traffic they get from your finely tuned SEO!

Easy Rent can be used on any WordPress site, and you can rent any number of pages on a site. The script comes with easy to understand instructions, and of course, my full support.

If you're just getting started with building your directory, be sure to check out my other service - The Big List of US Cities.

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