I will ping your website or blog link every 3 days for a year for $5

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Are you Looking for Real Potential users to visit your website well you have found the right guy with this gig you will get unlimited traffic to your website with me pinging your links/urls on my pinging machine  

Pinging basically is submitting your url to search engines across the globe my machine can reach 1,236 search engines across the globe in one year exactly I've tried and tested it several times so then your SEO will be worldwide and you will be visible in all the search engines across the globe i just need your most used keywords and your url and then i can add them to my database and set them to ping every 3 days for a year and let it do the magic.

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Hi my name is Alvin, Have 4 years experience in Online marketing. Do you need SEO or Link Building asistance? You are in the right place! I'll provide you the best and fast services. Quick Turn Around! High quality 24/7 support!