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Hey fellow Pro SEOers!! I wanted to share with you THE most powerful and effective Press Release service available at Source Market to get HUGE LINKS pointing back at your site for a RANKING BOOST!  This package is a monster and for the price, is easily the best value PR Service at Source Market. Other services that offer "PressWire" distribution don't even come close to the powerful links we can get pointing back to your site!  These live links pointing back at your site are GUARANTEED to be featured in mega authority sites Google news, Yahoo, and Bing as well as a huge exposure in 400+ news outlets including NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC! Like I said… It’s the most powerful PR Service available on Source Market… :) Enjoy an unheard of amount of online AND offline links and exposure for your website. 

Still not convinced we are the best? Check this out... On top of the massive news reach of over 400+ authoritative sites, the Social Media Blast package will be absolutely FREE for Source Market members! Your exposure will also reach 350,000+ Twitter Followers and shared on 150+ Facebook pages with a combined like base of 50,000+ Facebook Users!

  “The most powerful and effective PR service available at Source Market”



MASSIVE REACH Enjoy the widest coverage of any PR service found at Source Market.  Adequate care is taken to ensure that your Press Releases are included in a wide cross-section of media websites, like leading national news websites, eminent regional news sites, popular local news websites, websites of leading radio stations and TV channels, trade and industry specific news sites, international news websites, online news blogs, and others.

Want more? No Problem! Inclusion on 400+ authority news sites GUARANTEED!

SEO WIZARDRY Online Press Releases are meaningless if they do not appear in Google and other search engines. All press releases are SEO optimized to ensure that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all leading search engines index and rank your press releases for relevant keyword by using strategies that comply with the latest SEO guidelines and algorithm demands. You run zero risk of getting de-indexed or being pulled out for spamming.

LINKING POWERFUL Live Links on each Press Release pointing back to your website/web. The result? You get a ton of trusted and powerful links that will BOOST YOUR RANKING!!  All while getting free citations that could possibly rank you or your client #1 in the maps listing. If you do local client SEO, this is a no-brainer!

“If you do local client SEO, this is a no-brainer”

SOCIAL MEDIA BLAST (FREE) Add the Social Media Blast upgrade (free to Source Market buyers) to your already powerful package for the ultimate exposure of your site! We don’t need to tell you the importance of having social media share your brand. This is why extra attention is given to ensure your news stories are shared across the 15 most popular social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Tumblr, and more. Your Press Releases are tweeted on 150+ news-related Twitter accounts with a combined base of 350,000+ Twitter Followers and shared on 150+ Facebook pages with a combined like base of 50,000+ Facebook Users! The social media blast truly takes your professional press release to the next level. This is absolutely RAW POWER!

PRESS RELEASE WRITING SERVICE (Upgrade) A well distributed Press Release is only as good as what’s written in it! Distributing a press release is just half the job. You only have one shot per press release, do not jeopardize this chance on anything less than a professional writer who is actually in the media industry.

Order Now!!

Q. What about the other press release services on Source Market that use PressCable?

The difference here is that they only guarantee around 250+ news outlet pickups while we can almost double that number, over 400+ quality sites! Also, don’t forget about the extremely powerful Social Media Blast upgrade that is currently FREE to Source Market members!  The other sellers don't offer anything even close to that kind of power.  Simply put, you just get a bigger and better audience reach.

Q. Are all press release services the same?

No! Google hit automated PR syndication hard as a result many SEOs found their press release value greatly diminish. Gone are the days of junk “article” spamming. You must make sure the service you choose has a Deep Distribution of your article among POWERFUL news outlets.

Q. Should I do more than one release?

Absolutely! We have found that the effects of back to back press releases actually stack on each other. Each additional PR multiplies the exposure and attention they get exponentially!

For Example, a very powerful combination we have seen goes like this:

Third Day:       NEWS EVENT FOLLOW UP..

This triple PR release method drastically increases your power and exposure which increases your chance of getting picked up even higher than with a single release. The more you are picked up by real-media journalists, the more momentum you build in the Search Engines. Basically, 3 back to back Press Releases, if done correctly, convey this about your site/brand: "I'm kind of a BIG DEAL!"

Q. How will I know where my releases are showing up?

We will provide a comprehensive report showing everywhere your release is. Sit back and enjoy the exposure!

We do not allow distribution of the press releases with following content:


1)         Adult / nudity or relevant content.

2)         Betting / gambling or relevant content.

3)         Buying likes and followers for social media websites such as twitter, facebook, youtube and etc.

4)         ClickBank/ClickSure hopLinks or relevant websites selling products / ebooks on get-rich quick schemes,    FOREX trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols.

5)         Other than the above we also don’t allow phone unlock content.

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