I will clean your list of up to 5000 email addresses

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Dirty Emails? Clean Them Up

Purchased email lists generally include fake emails, spam checking emails, and just plain out of date emails. Some lists may contain over 50% bad emails. We can clean that list for you.

Or perhaps you just want to verify the emails in the list that you have gathered over the years. We can do that as well!

Send me your list in .csv format. I will run your list through a email validation services, and send the results back to you in a .csv file. I cannot guarantee 100% cleaning, as emails are discarded every day, but it will remove the vast majority of invalid emails (hard bounces).

Email addresses are deleted or abandoned every day. Throw away and one-time use emails are created for a day and then forgotten about. Email sending companies and ISPs do not like it when you send email to bad addresses. Because the bounce rates are too high.

For this gig, we will clean up to 5000 email addresses. Upgrades for larger lists are available. Try our cleaning services and see the improvement in delivery rates, and decrease in bounce rates. Delivery time will normally be 1-2 days.

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I cannot guarantee 100% cleaning, as emails are abandoned every day. An email address that is valid today, may not be valid tomorrow. This cleaning service will eliminate the vast majority of bad email addresses from your list.

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