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The Ultimate local citation report.

 I am offering you a quick and easy way to find hundreds of local citation opportunities, for yourself, your clients or your prospects. Doing this manually would take you days of tedious work... And other vendors charge twice or more what I am...

With my report, you will be able to see where a local business is currently listed, and where it isn't, plus a link to the create listing page.

Works great as a prospecting tool. Imagine approaching a local business owner and informing him that his business is not listed in these important directories that can be sending him free traffic, backlinks etc!  It makes it very easy to show your worth and help close the sale for you.

I will provide you with a pdf report that will include a link to each directory signup page where you will be able to instantly create each new listing. This will save you time by not having to navigate the directory site to figure out where exactly you sign up. This will also make it very easy for you to have your outsourcers do the work with minimum confusion and time wasted.

Generic PDF report you can share

Use as a monthly update report

Over 500 citations checked (usa)

Link to citation creation page

Country Specific Report (extra)

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