I will find 5 niche related high DA/PA Web 2.0 expired accounts

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Are you looking to create a PBN using expired web 2.0 properties related to your niche?

For only $5 i will use my custom software to located 5 expired niche related web 2.0 accounts which you can go and register usually for free (depending on the domain for example the expired livejournal accounts they make you pay a fee to re-register it).

You will have 5 aged web 2.0 domains related to your keywords then you can add your content with your backlinks and build backlinks to them to give them more "juice" and authority.

If you need more than 5 web 2.0's please order as many gigs as you need if you need 20 web 2.0 domains then you would order this 4 times, etc.

Feel free to ask me any questions and my guarantee is that if you go to register one of the web 2.0 domains that i provide and you find out it is already taken (it happens sometimes if you wait more than a few hours to register the free ones) then i will replace any of them at no additional cost for you.

If you are interested in finding EXPIRED regular domains related to your niche I can also do that and provide you with a list of high quality niche related expired domains with clean backlink profiles.  You can check out my other gig for that.

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Im a "gringo" living/working full-time in Cancun, Mexico. My passion is online marketing and SEO and now social media marketing. I specialize in planning/building PBN networks to get first page rankings.