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If you are following the latest SEO trends, we are sure that you already know that Press Release has gained popularity and some authority value to rank sites. Press Release is always a great way to gain exposure to your website and also it adds high quality source of backlinks.

High Quality Press Release + Submission to 100 Press Release Distribution Services (which distributes your press release to hundreds of websites).

Highest Quality Press Release (Writing + Submissions to 100 Press Release Sites), each Press Release site has its own unique account.

Get the much required publicity to reach the maximum audience with a Press Release; PR helps your organization or business to get the reach across all the search engines.

Benefits of Press Release:

1) Google News: Within minutes of your Press Release, you have a great chance to get into the Google News, and also it will get into Google Web Search for the keywords that trigger your headlines.

2) Online News Sites: As Press Releases are published to various sites; your website has a great chance to get into some of the top News sites, as many of the news sites depend on the Press Releases to publish the latest news.

3) Social Media: Google News + Top New sites, will automatically make your Press Releases to be posted to various Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Google+ and so on.

So all in all, Press Releases are a great value that you can give to your website, especially if you are looking to promote your brand.

Note:  Press Release Submissions normally see an acceptance rate of 30-40%.

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No refund will be done, as our team will spend a lot of time for the research and writing quality content and submitting to the top 100 Press Release sites, if you have any issues, we can always discuss and solve.

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