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English Sape Links (Links That Survived Penguin2.1 and Hummingbird) are high Trust Flow links from all different niches of SAPE links network, all sites are about 65% in English langauage and remaining are french, german and other langauges but NOT Russian language.

If you are looking for high Trust Flow backlinks mainly from sites that are not Russain language sites, this one is for you. All links are high quality, indexed in Google and from different IP's.

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  • High Authority Dofollow quality links!
  • 100% Google Indexed sites!
  • TF10-45
  • NO .ru, .su, .рф domains!
  • Different platforms (not just WordPress) and domain names

Total links : 30

Domain age is Min 160 + Days.

Please note! These links are of highest quality. Each link is manually hand picked and vetted to fit so you only get Quality Links.

Full Report Avaliable

If you are into the tough niches like: weight loss, gambling, dating and so on English SAPE is the right package for you. At the same time trying to rank in these niches are very tough and it takes lot more effort, relying simply on SAPE links will not help you much. If you have poor on-page SEO, you will need a lot more high authority SAFE links than if you had a great on-page SEO.

Note: This service is based on monthly basis.

Please get familiar with SAPE Network before you make an order.All sales are FINAL!
If you have no idea what this service is about - please DO NOT order before sending us a message!
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No Refunds, SAPE links are paid links and once purchased cannot be reverted, if you have any issues we can change or create new links, but no refunds.

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