Create A GOOGLE Chrome App That Links To Your Website

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I deliver an app that links to your site from the Google Chrome web browser.

Chrome is now more popular than Internet Explorer meaning more people use the Chrome store to find apps. One of those can be YOUR site.

The app will only link to your website. We do not develop apps that do more at this time.

What I deliver to you:

  • a zip file which contains all the web programming to get your app onto the Chrome Store
  • Chrome app icon
  • 440x280 promo banner

2 Ways To Get It Onto The Chrome Store:

  • For Free (You upload your app to the Chrome store):
    I deliver your Chrome app zip file & you upload it to the Chrome store in your own Chrome dashboard. (Google charges may apply)

  • I will upload it for you - Please request a custom order 
    I will do all of the technical work for you on my own Chrome dashboard. For this option, you will need to have access to your website's HTML to add a special Google meta tag that I provide. Sorry, this is not available as a gig extra, so please request a custom order after I deliver the app to you.

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