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High quality expired domains - PERFECT for PBN. 

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ree > All 100% Legitimate

Searching for solid 15+ metrics for a expired domains for PBN usage? Look no further! You will find the best value offer on Source Market right HERE on my service for domain metrics. Get my premium service which is the best running for a virtually rock bottom introduction price which I will be raising ANY TIME soon. You guaranteed the best available domain name that you can to register within 24 hours of ordering. I leave no stone unturned as I manually check ALL the main metrics of the domain to make sure you get a squeaky clean backlinked, 100% spam free and high performing SEO domain name for your PBN.


Your metrics will all have a indexed clean history free of spam backlinks and any crazy looking anchor texts.  

  • Trust Flow (TF) = 15+
  • Citation Flow (CF) = 15+ 
  • Healthy backlink profile (a good deal of brand and url anchor)
  • .com, .net, .org, .co, .info, .biz (other TLDs if you allow for gems ones)
My Process:

  • All the domains are sourced by me using industry standard online premium tools. You can be assured your domainis fully legitimate and has good authority for a PBN domain. 
  • I also check the history with tools and  - great for making sure any spam domains get filtered out
  • If you get a domain from me that doesn't index I'll replace it for you 
  • I'll deliver the domain to you within 24 hours 

TLDS to choose from -:

.com  .net  .org  .us  .fr  .de  .nl  .in  .info  .eu  .tv  .it  .ca

Screenshots of domain metrics supplied to my clients in the past, 15+ but can be much higher:

Fast turnaround!!!

Do don't wait any longer to start your PBN, I deliver mostly within 24-48 hours or less!!!

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about 1 year ago
Wow, nice job. Thanks!
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almost 3 years ago
Looks clean and metrics confirmed.
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