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AdSense friendly websites! Crank Out For YOU $100+ per month

Let's get real. You need to make money with your website. We offer adsense setup service and we want to help. All you have to do is decide to make this happen, is to order the service. 
Adsense advertising spaces for this conversion will be called money machines. Adsense on your website is a money machine and our job is to place the money machines where needed where the highest profitable spaces.
Here are the three simple steps:
1.  We place the money machine code on your page
2. Remember (buyers of ad pay the highest) price to appear on your site
3. You get paid
You're looking to make money on your investment and $650 is a lot of money! It sure it. But, we don't feel comfortable guaranteeing any sort of earnings. That's right. When we do our work and the power of the internet have to do their thing. 
Now, we work closely with our customers and we make sure their investment was well worth it after the money machine starts to kick in. All of them were satisfied. And if at any point you are not satisfied: 100% money back guaranteed.


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Now, you are probably thinking I can do it myself or I can hire a cheap programmer or so called web guru and get money machine working in a flash. Well, good luck because the fact of the matter is, to make $100 a month for a $35 easy website template is not going to happen. We seriously don't think so, because sites like that lack the web juice to take off. Here is what we do, we make sure by our services that you site has the ability to earn $100 to $1,000 easily by our quality checks and balance ratings within our process of services. 
We do quality content and most importantly quality SEO services which launch the site to top rankings. What happens is the site receives all the targeted traffic that the keyword can muster up traffic attention, specific for people to find your page.
Our internet team researches and finds the most profitable niche for you and each niche Average CPC is nearly $1.5 (One Dollar and Fifty cents) with over 2000+ monthly searches. But that's not all, if you are still reading "We have so much confidence in our services that we offer" - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Features of each site

  • Premium SEO Optimized Theme as our Starting Point
  • Full SEO Optimization
  • Brand Logo
  • We add 5 "Sweet"  Unique Articles
  • 1 Niche With 2000+ Monthly Searches
  • Exact Match Domain (.Com , .Net , .Org)
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimer , Contact Us and About Us Page will be Provided
  • On Page SEO Will Be Provided
  • Off Page SEO Will be Provided
  • 1 Pinterest Board
  • 1 Video
  • Authorship
  • Lastly, we submit your site to Google And All Major Search Engines

Now, ask yourself. Does this sound like a $35 dollar service? Now! We go above and beyond the conventional services required for the site to be successful. We add the money machines and boost the site, add content and slap some google juice on it, warm it up like toasted butter and what pops out of the end is a website with massive, massive potential and did I also mentioned you will be happy and that we offer: 100% Money Back Guarantee


In this industry, these are the most commonly asked questions and why beat a dead horse when we can just keep it simple and straight forward. So, here goes:

Why don't you just build them for yourselves? We do and so does our competitors. But there's also money in providing the service to others too. =]

Do I need hosting? Yes. You also need to purchase the domain.

Can I choose my own Niche? Not at the moment and there is a good reason for that. Underwater basket weaving or monkey banna's is not a hopping niche that I would want my customers involved in. First off, there are less than 100 searches for ether and our objective is to ensure you make money, not spend it unwisely. Let the Niche selections to our team of experts.

What’s the upkeep on the sites? The upkeep is your typical site maintenance. Hosting and domain, back linking, etc...once we finish, we hand the site over to you for care and upkeep and our secret sauce.

Is the earnings consistent? Yes, this isn't a cheap $35 service but as the market is, earnings may fluctuate. However, you'll keep earning every month.

When can I expect to earn? Users have experienced earnings of $100+ within the 2 months. If you are looking to make a killing TOday, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Rome was not build in a day. We are looking at this as a long term asset, and not a short term investment. This killer site is going to make the money machines ring 24/7.

Do I need an Adsense Account? Yes.

What if I'm in a hurry? The best thing to do is to slow down. We can help, but it will cost you and sure we can charge more if you are in a hurry. No worries. Let's take it one step at a time. If you are in a hurry, we will have to charge more and we mean a lot. Click the button to ask us a question. We are here to help you!

Can I see a demo site? You need to contact us first because we want people who are serious.


At the end of the day you have to ask yourself, are you ready to start making money with Adsence or are you going to go someplace else. Well, we would encourage you to use our competitors. Why? Answer: They are just as good as we are here on Market Source and at the end, its about customer service. 
It's about YOU. 
It is about Making sure that YOU get satisfaction and because when YOU use OUR services, you will come back and that's the whole point. You will be coming back. The question is, will you come back to them? Think about it. We make a bold statement here to get your attention. Click that Ask a question button. We will be right here to answer them.

Thank you


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