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I have a bit of a passion for research which is why I was a history major in college (GO USF BULLS!!!) Then I realized that people with my degree don't make a ton... unless your Indiana Jones... That would have been a blast!

But I found that I really LOVE the SEO process and it allows me to do the research I love to do and make some money that I can actually raise my family with! WIN/WIN!!

I don't even mind doing research for someone else... if I'm getting paid! So let me do yours! I have a very analytical and outside of the box approach that lets me to the keyword research faster and find keyword groups that others may miss. 

Here's what you will get:

An Excel Spreadsheet with as many related keywords for your niche that I can find.
The spreadsheet will have:
  1. The keyword
  2. the average monthly search volume
  3. CPC
  4. Competition Rating
**and for the websites with competition ratings under .30 I will include the number of websites listed in the google search.**

I will be providing this service for $10 with a 24-hour turn around time for a limited time...

Yes, I know you can do this on your own... you can also change your own oil and but most people would rather pay someone else to do it (I used to make a killing off of selling oil changes)!! 
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If for some reason you are unhappy with the service you have received, please let me know so I can resolve it for you. If for some reason you are still not satisfied, I have not done my job and you will receive a full refund.

I have been doing SEO for about a year now. Previously I owned a company that developed new products for market and consulted with other businesses on brand and new product development. I this side of marketing much better. Now I use my consulting background to get SEO gigs. Fun Stuff!

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