GeoTag 20 Images NAP, Local Keywords for SUPER Local SEO

SEO/Site Optimization
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Smash your Local Competition with Super targeted GEOTAGGED Images on your Website, Business Listings and Social Media!

What are geotagged images?

These are images tagged with keywords containing local terms and your local NAP coordinates. We optimize the following: 1) title, 2) tags, 3) 5 star rating and 4) NAP Geo-coordinates.

Where can I use my geotagged images?

As soon as you received your geotagged images, we recommend that you upload them to: 1) your website, 2) local page/business listing, 3) social media accounts, 4) local citations, 5) map citations, 6) photo sharing sites (flickr, instagram, deviantart, photobucket, etc)

Who can order this gig?
If you are looking to get your local business up in Google then this gig is for you. 

Which Countries are Accepted?
All Countries 

What is Benefit of this?

  1. Increase Social Buzz in Local Area
  2. NAP from Images boost Local Signal
  3. Best for Local SEO and rankings
  4. Higher relevance ensures higher search engine ranking.
  5. Increased reputation on and offline.
  6. Excellent opportunities to extend branding online.
  7. Photographs and images of your business lead to increased trust from a potential customer's perspective.

We will only need:

  • 20 JPG Images (if you don't have good quality images for your business, order the extra!)
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Keywords (max 10)

A full report will be provided after completion.


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