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Why do you think you need this job done for your website, business?
Well the answer is very simple:
Google is cares about user experience.
If your site is slow and takes to much time to load Google will then grade your website as slow and choose not to show you website in top rankings because user experience is bad.
Site speed is a part of Google Rankings Algorithm.
See here how fast is your website according to google free tools:

What you will get if you choose me as your guide and partner to get your SEO site speed done:
1 Enable compression
2 Leverage browser caching
3 Optimize images
4 Minify JavaScript
5 Minify HTML
6 Minify CSS

That is it:
After all this is done you will see your site speed from red to yellow or green or from yellow to green

         1 I can not promise your site will have the score of 100 but what i guarantee is that after the job is done your website will have score of minim 70 yellow (if your site is red) or will be in GREEN over 80 score if your site does not have any other problems that i can not fix or affects other parts of your site.
This is more than enough to increase your user experience and Google will love your site (most websites speed is awful below 50 according to Google statistic)
          2 I will not install any other plugins or software on your website, the job will be done manually almost all the time ( writing a better easier lines of codes and the websites will be practically 100% the same only much faster)
          3 I will only work with files that you have on your site and make them lighter so your site will be faster.
          4 You will get a report before and after the job is done.
          5 I will do first a back up of the site before i start the job.
If you have questions please message me.


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I will give your money back if not happy whit the work done. Thanks

The only time i feel happy about SEO is when i wake up and find my site on the first page of Google :) I want to provide for you simple steps for higher rankings. I will always provide you with extremely effective SEO analysis of your site & custom rank report , PBNs, expired domains.