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Easy Money in 15 Minutes.. Seriously!

Mobile websites are one of the hottest areas to be in RIGHT NOW! This window of opportunity will not be open for long as we personally know tons of people (including us) who are killing it now in this arena and are searching non-stop for new businesses to target. The switch to mobile is a one-time opportunity that is gone forever if you aren't the first to contact a non-mobile ready business.  That is the key!  BE THE FIRST ONE TO WIN THE RACE!

After the first few mobile websites you create (we personally use Mobilze theme for WP), you should be able to crank them out in as little as 15 minutes each!  And if you don't want to even bother with that, you can simply outsource the process for a small fee and still make a killing at this since business are willing to pay you hundreds to have this done.

We have done this 2 different ways.  At first we used it as our "Bait" to provide an "irresistible offer" to potential clients in our local client-side SEO services.  Providing mobile websites to non-mobile local businesses was an amazing way to get our foot in the door and create a client for life.  After that, we found that it could also be sold all day long for at least $299 for a quick cash income.  Since there are way more prospects than we could ever handle, we decided to offer this service to you on Source Market and still be able to cover clients in our local area.

Here's how we used to do it:

When we first started, we would decide on the location and niche we would target.  We would then make a list of potential business targets to research in that area.  After that, we would manually go down our list, one by one, and test each business' website to see if it was or wasn't mobile friendly.  After we spent time finding the non-mobile friendly websites, we then had an even more time consuming task of trying to gather all the basic business information like phone number, address, and email.  So yes... it took A LOT of time to find each business and their information, but was it worth it...? YES!!!

Of course it was worth it!  Once we had the list of potential businesses, it was so easy to print off a Google report showing that their website was indeed not mobile friendly.  We would simply hand write a letter to the business owner on our list and include the report with the letter. 

In our letter we would lead off with a Factual statistic like: 40% of mobile users visited a competitor's site instead of yours because of a poor mobile experience.  When the business owner would read that stat and see the included Google report showing their site not "mobile friendly" ... BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE

Easy customer. Rinse and Repeat!

That's all we did.  We didn't bore them with Mobilegeddon or penalty talk.  We might have mentioned those later, but showing a business owner upfront that they are losing business is the best sales pitch we had, and it worked!

So what was the bottle neck?...  CREATING THAT LIST!!!  Ugghh..

So of course, our team got together and learned how to streamline the process.  Like I said before, there are so many fish in the sea that we can't possibly sell to every local business in the U.S.  So that's what I'm offering you today!  You give me the local area and niche you want to target, for example: Austin, Tx - Towing, and my team will create a list of those businesses AND contact information (when available) in your chosen area who are not mobile friendly.  It couldn't be easier!  All that's left to do is for you to write a letter, make a phone call, or knock on a door to start cashing in before someone else get's to those businesses first!

Sorry if this sales letter was a little long.  But honestly, I laid out exactly how we prospect and make money with mobile websites.  I hope you got some value out of it since really, you don't need my service to do this on your own!  Just do what I described in our "old way" of doing this!

But... If you want to maximize your potential and save a ton of time and effort, we can create the list for you in a couple of days!  This eliminates your time spent researching and digging through websites and allows you to dedicate your time to actually making money!

You give us the target area and niche you want, we will do the leg work and provide you with businesses to target.  Just one contact alone on that list could be worth hundreds of dollars as long as you get them before someone else does.  Using our service allows you to spend more time making money and less time data mining.  And for the price, it's one of the best investments you can make in your SEO business!!

What to Expect..

Once you send us your information (City, State, Niche) we will begin creating a list of businesses for you. 

Add-ons?  Nope!  We include ALL available information which can include business name, website, phone number and physical address free of charge

We just created a report for a client in a small city in Michigan for "Towing".  Turns out there are 12 potential targets in that area that could total over $3,500 in possible earnings.  That's pretty amazing for a single niche in a small town!!  You can scale this thing as much as you want as long as you are the first person there!  In a couple of days you will be armed with your new list of prospects and be able to hit all the local businesses faster than anyone else!

What are you waiting for??  Don't waste time researching!!  Send us your information, grab your shiny new list of businesses, and get out there NOW and make some money before someone else get's to them first!

Good Luck!


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