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One of the first things that you should do when building a website is research the keywords that you plan to target. This will help you to identify opportunities, threats, and markets that you may not have originally thought of.

For example, I was helping a client that wants to start a photography business, but search traffic in her area was very low. As I dug deeper into the search traffic, I found that a local tourist attraction was bringing in a lot of traffic for weddings and family vacations – which was perfect for my client. So, using the information from our keyword research, we created a strategy that would place my client’s content alongside the tourist information and promote her services that way. With just a 1% conversion rate, she is looking to earn over $8,000 a month.

That’s the kind of information that good keyword research can provide. It’s more than just looking at the numbers and picking the one with the highest search volume, it’s looking for patterns and buyer intent while evaluating competition and the resources needed to rank for those terms. Then you take that information and you create your content strategy.

I love doing this kind of work. If I could spend all day sifting through keywords and still pay my bills, I would happily do so. That’s why I’m offering my keyword research services to you. If you need to know if there’s a market for your product or service or interest in your event or content, you would benefit from this service. If you want the numbers needed to estimate potential earnings, you would benefit from keyword research. If you’re already on Konker, you just need to push the “buy now” button after you’ve selected the package you want.

My name is Triston from UtahSEO Ninja, where we help connect the dots between your business and your customers. And we’re excited to work with you!

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