I will design an awesome Custom Youtube Thumbnail in 24hours!

Graphics & Design/Social Media Design
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Are you trying to grow your business through Youtube? Are you looking to gain popularity on Youtube?
The most important step to get people to watch your videos, is to have an awesome and eye catching thumbnail! And that is the exact thing I specialize in!

I will design a professional thumbnail to your liking, which can enhance your views/ad revenue!

Why choose me?
With over 3 years of graphic design expierience (mostly social media design), I worked for a lot of different people. I created Logos, Banners, Covers, Facebook Flyers, Avatars etc.
But since 2016 I started working with Youtubers and since then I specialized in creating awesome thumbnails!

I have worked for multiple Youtubers, for example: RSDMax (85k subscribers) or BeHaind (417k subscribers) and many more.

But most important:
My thumbnails will break through the noise on Youtube! Professional Thumbnails on Youtube tend to look very similar. For example: just take a look at the thumbnails of big Tech Channels, they all have a very similar style! They often look like they are based on the same thumbnail template. Of course they do look professional, but do you want the exact same thing everyone else has? (This is a rhetorical question by the way, of course you don't! Remember, you want to stand out!).
So if you want something special, something that stands out, something that gives you an edge over any other channel: choose my thumbnails! 

I also have a portfolio with some of my thumbails: http://darhaka.portfoliobox.net 

Technical Information:
All my thumbnails
are perfectly optimized for Youtube!
All thumbnails will be 1280x720, max. 2mb and 16:9.
You will receive a .jpg and a .psd.

If you want to discuss something beforehand or just want to have a chat, send me a message and I’ll reply as fast as I can!
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Hey, guys! I'm Max, I'm 20 years old and I have been doing graphic design (which includes logos, thumbnails for youtubers, banners etc.) for over 3 years now! I can speak German and English.